Reduce/Control Your Operating Costs

In addition to facility maintenance and repair services, National Maintenance Services, Inc. also offers comprehensive consulting and project management services.

These services are designed to give you, the client, more time to handle other issues and projects within your department. In todays retail world, every retail facilities Vice President, Director, Manager and Coordinator are multi-tasking and seem not to have enough hours in the day to do everything that they need to do. That's where National Maintenance Services, Inc. steps in to help! Here at National Maintenance Services, Inc. we want you to think of us as your assistant. We are here to make your lives and jobs easier everyday!

Today, companies are forced to do more with less as they face increasing competition and smaller margins. Improving facility management programs and more effectively utilizing existing resources, can cut costs and help you save money. When you outsource all or a portion of your facility maintenance needs with National Maintenance Services, Inc. that will reduce your operationg costs and overhead. 

Improve Department Focus and Utilize Staff Resources More Effectively

Outsourcing the maintenance of your facility allows your staff to focus on higher priority operational issues. National Maintenance Services, Inc. will provide you with one centralized source of contact for all your store maintenance and repair issues. In removing the burden of having to find a new vendor or vendors every time a new issue comes up will allow you and your staff to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Use Resources Not Available In-House

National Maintenance Services, Inc. works closely with you to maximize the value of utilizing outside resources while still maximizing your internal programs. The National Maintenance Services, Inc. database has been designed to provide information related to services performed, cost analysis and other job related issues. This information is available to assist you in budgeting for the appropriate maintenance and repair services, at the correct cost for the next year.